9air distinguished employs China “Little Bourne” to assure fly security during Spring Rush Editor : 9air     Date : 2016-02-08

World Sanda Champion, Hongkong International Boxing championship, the No.1 Sniper of Marines, Ireland International Scout Competition Championship, Greece International Special Forces Competition Championship, the winner of marine’s highest honor “Blade” and “Fire Blue Blade” and so on.

When you have a look at these shining titles, most people can’t help thinking that the hero who is same like Arnold Schwarzenegger, deterrent and muscle tough guy. On the contrary, the owner of these honors is a gentle and smart next-door-boy who likes to wear light grey leisure sweater and light blue scuffed jeans, shy and quiet. Now he gets a new title–9 Airline Distinguished Senior Security Officer.


 Special anti-terrorist talents are brought in 9air.

When the Spring Rush is coming, 9air newly brings in a large of special talents in order to deal with civil aviation’s complex and severe anti-terrorist and riot situation nowadays. Yan Kangli is one of them.

As we all known, Guangzhou is the politic, military, economic, culture and science and education center of south China, and yet is an special area prone to crime and violence. 9air, the first low cost airline, which uses Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport as base, breaks the routines and reinforces to employ excellent veterans to assure the security of civil aviation transportation.

Through rounds of selections from best of best, 9air specially employs several political reliable, profession outstanding and psychological strong soldiers of China Armed Police across the country, which include senior soldiers who has served as a platoon leader and mastered at explosive handling and NBC protection skill from China armed police, anti-hijacking squadron and serving above 7 years. Taking these specialists as the base, 9air builds up high qualified anti-terrorist units gradually.


Air crew’s anti-terrorist “Instructor”

After distinguished employed as the security officer of 9air, Yan Kangli who has rich experience of anti-terrorist and riot mainly takes responsibility to train the ground service and air crew. He is responsible to make the beautiful and graceful flight attendant master combat skills and ensure the air crew has the ability to deal with emergency and to protect the life and property safety of passengers.

He points out, plainspoken, that at present the training method for flight security of majority airlines is too traditional and formalistic, such as imagine terrorist and hijacker as motionless object to organize arresting and wrestling training. This kind of method can’t catch up with severe anti-terrorist situation presently obviously. Because many offenders who are in the terrorist organizations have been trained strictly and systemically like soldiers. Compared with ordinary troublemaker, they are completely different. We must use the same professional method to train flight security strictly.


Taking Mixed Martial Arts to deal with cabin terrorist attack

At recent years, terrorist hijacking take place occasionally. What good method to deal with terrorist hijacking deliberately for the security in the cabin with limit space?

Yan Kangli says that nowadays the newest and the best self-defense and defensive tactics internationally is MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). MMA mix quintessence of many kungfu schools at close quarters combat, such as Brazilian Jujitsu puts emphasis on flexible use of elbow, bend and knee. While facing terrorist attack, first is to avoid conflict face to face, and then by means of exact elbow using, even though the strength differs greatly from the terrorist, is able to short entangle the criminal successfully to save precious time to arrest the criminal. The method can be used to train both flight security and slim and weak air hostesses.


Only self-rescue is able to self-preservation while terrorist hijacking in flight

Once facing terrorist attack or emergency in flight, how can ordinary passengers attain self-preservation? Hearing this topic, not keeping calm and steady, Yan Kangli becomes a little excited. He appeals to passengers to learn skills of self-preservation and self-rescue while terrorist control the flight.

Firstly, the passengers shall keep calm and do not panic. Follow the instruction of air crew and do not run. Crouch down or hand lace behind head, just under instruction. Secondly, the passengers who are capable and strong (such as soldier and special policeman, etc.) hold together to help air crew if there has a chance. Master correct method to operate and resist. Fox example, when the terrorist stand at narrow passageway and shout, the two passengers who crouch down at two sites can communicate with eyes and rush to take up the criminal and throw down at the same time while the criminal do not pay attention. Then all together throw over the criminal to control him. Knowing the correct method, as long as all of us hold together, dare to resist and courage to fight, we should try hard to win.

Young Yan Kangli, looks like reserved and easy-going, but after a talking you will know he is not an ordinary people. He is like Jason Bourne in the film “Bourne”, a special force soldier who controls the enemy unarmed, use any article as attack weapon and has lots of battlefield experience and unique skill. Let us can’t help arising respect. At 2016 Spring Rush, anti-terrorist and riot in Guangzhou and even all around country cannot be neglected. Only the transport enterprises increase security force and all the people keep on guard, harmonious and safe spring rush can be achieved.



·  Yan Kangli, male, born in Dec 23, 1991, Bijie, Guiyang, height 175CM, weight 70KG, serves at the Marine Corps of China Special Force

·  Yan Kangli has been fond of martial arts since he was a child. In 2008, he came to Shaolin temple Tagou martial arts school to learn martial arts with support of his mother and took part in Olympic opening ceremonies at the same year.

·   In Mar 2011, the 9th Hongkong International Martial Arts Festival Boxing Championship, facing 16 countries free combat top master, Yan Kangli got 6 winning streak and won 60KG class championship with his unique skill and fortitude.

·   In Oct 2012, he represented the national team to take part in the 6th World Free Combat Cup and won 70KG class championship.

·   In 2013, he took part in the Competition of International Scouts of Ireland and won the championship. He was awarded the highest honor “Blade” of Marines and got “Fire Blue Blade” the same year.

·  During 2014-2015, he took responsibility as boxing instructor, sniper and submarine striker of Marines. He took part in the Greece International Special Force Competition and won the championship.

·   As one of senior security officers of 9air, he takes the responsibility of the anti-terrorist and riot training of flight security.