9air’ presenting baggage allowance activity wins praise from students Editor : 9air     Date : 2016-01-28

Today is the 6th day of Spring Rush, in order to serve the passengers well, besides volunteers take actions, each airlines also carry out characteristic services for Spring Rush. Journalist recently interviews 9air and knows that its “Have a surprise whil    n Spring Festival.  Present student baggage amount” activity wins a lot of praises.


Breaks the habit and presents free baggage allowance for college students

As the first low cost airline in the central and southern China, 9air distinguishes basic air transportation services with other services definitely and reduces the ticket price down at the cheapest. It’s also the internationally accepted practices of low cost airlines in domestic and oversea. About free baggage amount, 9air is not the same with full service airlines, such as item Careful Calculation’s ticket only allow a piece of cabin baggage which is less than 7KG and size does not exceed 20*30*40CM.

However, this regulation has turned on “green light” for college students since Jan 16. From Jan 16 to Mar 31, only showing personal ID card and college student certificate, any college students who take 9air flight will gain 5KG free checked baggage. Forward the 9air “Have a surprise while going back home on Spring Festival and present students baggage amount” activity on Weibo and WeChat. Many rewards are awaited. So long as the praise-clicking of the forwarded content are exceed a set number, 9air will present a number of baggage amount to reduce the burden for the students who is going home. This activity is warm heart and practical for the students who bring lot of baggage while taking a trip on Spring Rush.


Homing students give the activity high praise “very thoughtful”

The launching of 9air “has surprise while going back home on Spring Festival. Presents student baggage allowance” activity on Weibo and WeChat makes a large of college students forward passionately. They hope to collect praise to exchange more baggage allowance.

On the 9air Weibo of this activity, the most frequent forwarding reason is “it’s hopeful for bringing the baggage back home!” As low cost airline, 9air’s low ticket price attracts a lot of college students undoubtedly. Presenting college students’ baggage amount winter vacation is surprised most of them. A student, Li, whose home is in Nanjing and college located in Guangzhou, expresses that the activity is useful. He says “Showing student certificate can be presented 5KG baggage allowance and adding up with 100 praises which I collected is able to overlay up to 10KG. After that, my checked baggage is ok. This activity is so timely and thoughtfully. I’ll choose 9air flight while I'm back to school. The worry about the discount ticket which not including checked baggage amount is away.”