Care for passengers “food and clothing” during Spring Rush. 9air presents giving meals for old and children Editor : 9air     Date : 2016-01-29

“The young girl is kind and offers me meals. It’s very inconvenient to take a trip alone and feeling good while to be thought about and taken care for. Thank you very much.”It’s said by a passenger. The peak of Spring Rush is coming. More and more passengers are on their way home. Many transportation companies have already planned well for the trip to let passengers go home safe and sound. From the date of Jan 16, 9air has launched a special activity titled with “Presents giving in-flight meals. Respects old and takes good care of children to pass true love”. All the old and children are treated meals for free. This makes the passengers feel warmly welcomed in the airplane.


Presents giving in-flight meals, Carries forward the fine tradition of respecting old and taking good care of children 

As low-cost airline, 9air definitely distinguishes basic air transportation services and other services. Thus makes the ticket price reduce at the cheapest. This is an international common practice of low cost airline.  Generally, though the ticket price of 9air does not include in-flight meal services, 9air announces the airline will present one piece of meal for the old and children in the flight before the beginning of Spring Rush. 9air takes care of their way home and hopes to spread the virtue of respecting the old and taking care of children to more people.

The officer of 9air expresses whereas it’s a large of people and long distance while taking a trip on Spring Rush, old and children are the main warm service group this time during Spring Rush. From the date of Jan 16, 9air releases “Presents giving in-flight meals. Respects old and takes good care of children to pass true love” activity and presents in-flight meals for all age over 70 years old and age under 10 years child those who take the fly. Though it’s a large of number free meals to present every day and increases air crew’s working capacity, 9air thinks that a piece of meals are able to let the old and child feel comfortable during the trip. So this activity is going to be a 9air characteristic service and is going to be carried on in the future.

Passengers click thumb for the activity one after another

As the leading characters of this activity, most old and children feel surprise for the “gift”. “Because the flight takes off at lunch time, I have no time to eat. Worrying about the strict security inspection, I haven’t prepared food. This hot meal is so timely.” It’s said by an old, Mrs. Guo who took the flight AQ1057 Tianjin-Chongqing on Jan 18. Many children’s parents also express that the activity was practical very much. “To let the child have food not only fill them up, but also transfer their attention to sit on the seat obediently.”

Ordinary passengers express their approval with this activity very much. “Low cost airline always use cheap price to win, but it’s out of expectation that the service is full of humanity. I hope I am always able to take your flight to travel”, said by passenger, Mr. Zhang.