9air newly increases 3 routes for Guiyang and tries great efforts to prepare for Spring Rush Editor : 9air     Date : 2016-02-03

When the peak of Spring Rush is coming, there was a good news from civil aviation! On Feb 2, first flight of route Nanjing=Guiyang of 9air succeeded landing. It marked that 9air’s increasing three new routes for Guiyang were all carried out. On Jan 21, 9air opened up the route Guiyang=Tianjin and Guiyang=Xiamen. It was the first low cost route from Guiyang to Tianjin and Xiamen which brought convenience and benefits for the people traveling during Spring Rush. Passengers could book the tickets by means of 9air official website www.9air.com, mobile phone app and WeChat official account.


Opens up 3 routes, First flight is almost full.

As the important central city and transportation hub of southwest region, Guiyang is not only as an important tourist city, but also as a large labor export province. Each year during Spring Rush, the returns and excursion passengers intertwine and makes the hot route hard to book the tickets of flights which taking off and landing at Guiyang airport. 

In order to service well on Spring Rush of Guiyang, 9air makes the best on route layout. It’s introduced by 9air, on Jan 31, the routes Guiyang=Tianjin and Guiyang=Xiamen were opened up officially with daily flight and round-trip same day. On Feb 2, the route Nanjing=Guiyang was opened up on every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Three new routes should use brand new Boeing model 737-800 airplane.

During Spring Rush, the open-up of three low cost routes not only helped the Guiyang, Nanjing and Tianjin people for booking the tickets easier, but also enjoyed low cost traveling welfare. On the day of Jan 31, its first flight, seat occupancy rate of Guiyang-Tianjin reached 96.38% and seat occupancy rate of Xiamen-Guiyang reached 100%, full with 189 passengers. On Feb 2, first flight of Nanjing-Guiyang was almost full. Seat occupancy rate reached 98.8%. Obviously, low cost airline is quite popular.


Discount ticket is continually during Spring Rush.

As the first low cost airline in central and southern China, 9air keeps on the feature of low cost during Spring Rush. 9air introduces that three new routes are released discount tickets at present and the time is from Jan 31 to the end of Spring Festival. For example, the route between Guiyang and Nanjing has been released 20 pieces RMB 99 yuan tickets for each flight on the date of Feb 2 and Feb 4. During Spring Rush, 9air is going to release discount tickets everyday as per different routes. Meanwhile, 9air promises that besides discount tickets, the usual ticket price is lower than industry average.

9air is going to release RMB 9 yuan and RMB 99 yuan ultra-low discount tickets continually for passengers. Please follow @9air official Weibo and “9air discount” WeChat subscription account to get forecast information about discount ticket in advance. By means of 9air mobile phone app or WeChat official account, passengers are able to book RMB 9 yuan and RMB 99 yuan ultra-low discount tickets early.


Please be careful with the differentiated services.

9air notices the services provided by low cost airline are different from the services of traditional airline. Passengers must pay attention to the regulation while booking tickets. According to the items of 9air ticket price, there are “careful calculation”, “tangible benefit” and “noble selection”. Among them, item “careful calculation” is under 36% off discount ticket. This kind of ticket only allows one piece of 7KG cabin baggage free of charge and the size is not exceeded 20*30*40CM. It’s almost like the size of a normal backpack. Meanwhile, it does not include meals in-flight and checked baggage. That is to say, if you book a discount ticket, you cannot check in baggage for free. Item “tangible benefit” ticket allows total 15KG with cabin baggage and checked baggage free amount. “Noble selection” puts the free amount up to 20KG and enjoys in-flight meals.



Additional: Route schedule

Ø  Guiyang=Tianjin, daily flight, round-trip same day

          AQ1067 Guiyang 09:00-11:45 Tianjin    AQ1068 Tianjin 12:25-15:06 Guiyang

Ø  Guiyang=Xiamen, daily flight, round-trip same day

          AQ1073 Guiyang 15:55-17:45 Xiamen   AQ1074 Xiamen 18:45-21:05 Guiyang

Ø  Nanjing=Guiyang, flight every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, round-trip same day

          AQ1069 Nanjing 11:50–14:25 Guiyang   AQ1070 Guiyang 15:45-17:55 Nanjing