First flight of 9air route Guangzhou=Nanning is smoothly on the day of 29. Editor : 9air     Date : 2015-10-22


On the day of 28 at 07:55 am, 9air AQ1061 flight which departed from Guangzhou arrived at Nanning Wuxu International Airport. It marks the first low-cost route Guangzhou=Nanning is carried out officially. 9air expresses, in order to present real travel benefit for the people of Guangzhou and Nanning, on the day of new route first flight and during the vacation of National Day, each flight is going to be released a large number of RMB 9 yuan tickets. This lets the travelling citizens wonder what a miracle.

Each year of Mid-autumn Festival and National Day, the citizens who travel, visit relatives or run business between the two places of Guangzhou and Nanning are such a large number. But now, only a full service airline offers non-stop flight and the time is available in the daytime. It’s not the same with last year. Citizens are able to “take airplane” willfully during the vacation of National Day this year. On the day of 28, the route Guangzhou=Nanning of 9air carried out its first flight. As the first low cost airline in central and southern China, 9air entering Nanning this time is full of sincerity. 9air introduces that breaks of promotions and a number of new routes at this time are unprecedented. These make sure the citizens are able to book RMB 9 yuan tickets easily. Taking this route, it is not only the expense is cheaper than high-express railway, but also a morning flight and a night flight schedule setting, passengers avoid spending daytime on the way.

Most citizens who book RMB 9 yuan tickets and take the flight express, “During National Day, RMB 9 yuan is able to take a fly. What a miracle.” 9air expresses the route Guangzhou=Nanning is flight every Monday, Thursday and Saturday.

Next, 9air still carries on releasing RMB 9 yuan and RMB 99 yuan ultra-low discount tickets for passengers. Citizens follow @9air official Weibo and “9air discount” WeChat official account to get the forecast information about the releasing of discount tickets in advance and rushs to book RMB 9 yuan and RMB 99 yuan ultra-low discount tickets by means of 9air mobile phone app client and WeChat official account.  


Additional: the new route schedule

Guangzhou=Nanning, flight every Monday, Thursday and Saturday, round-trip same day

Onward AQ1061, Guangzhou at 06:35 – at 07:55 Nanning

Return AQ1062, Nanning at 23:50 – at 01:05 Guangzhou