Two brand new airplanes land in Guangzhou smoothly! The scope of 9air fleet reaches 7 airplanes. Editor : 9air     Date : 2016-03-17


9air’s Boeing model 737-800 airplane, the number of registration is No. B-6991. The vertical tail painting is purple.


Two brand new Boeing model 737-800 airplanes which were painted in “9 different colors of different circles” landed on Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport one after another smoothly and became the 6th and the 7th airplanes of 9air in the afternoon on Mar 15th. The president of 9air, Mr. Ji Guangping led the staff at the parking apron of the airport to hold a brief ceremony for taking over the airplanes on the same day. 


9air’s Boeing 737-800 airplane, the number of registration is No. B-6991. It is the 6th airplane of 9air


According to the design concept of 9air airplane painting designer, Mr. Steven Myers, all the 9air airplanes will be painted in different colors and 9 circles layout smartly. Different airplanes’ vertical tails will be in different colors. Between the two landing airplanes this time, No.B6991 airplane’s vertical tail painting is purple and no. B-6882 airplane’s vertical tail painting is deep green. When you stand far away to have a look, they are resplendent and glowed. Their colors make people feel pleasure. The layout of the cabin is all economic class and the airplane has a number of 189 seats. This is to meet with 9air’s operation concept, low cost airline.


9air’s Boeing model 737-800 airplane with the number of registration No. B-6992, has a deep green vertical tail


The airplane with registration number B-6992 is the 7th 9air airplane


Interior of cabin


The new airplanes will be put into operation after landing. After the transfer between summer flights and autumn flights, 9air is going to put a new route Guiyang=Wuxi=Shenyang into operation officially with daily flight and round-trip same day on Mar 27. Meanwhile, the number of flight among the routes Guangzhou=Nanning, Nanning=Nanning and Guangzhou=Tianjin will be increasing and being up to daily flight. After that, 9air’s 7 airplanes will fly the decades of routes among Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Harbin, Haikou, Nanjing, Tianjin. Nanning, Urumqi, Guiyang. Wuxi and Shenzhen. The network connects the regions all around the country.