9 Air Co., Ltd.shorted for 9 Airis a public air transport enterprise set up and controlled by Shanghai Juneyao Airlines Co., Ltd. with 600 million RMB registered capital. 9 Air launched the first flight on December 2, 2014 and started its commercial operation on January 15, 2015. Based in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, 9 Air’ route network will take Guangzhou as a center and radiate the whole country. And it will open international routes to and from South, Southeast, North and Northeast Asia.



    9 Air adopts low-cost business model which mainly aims at travelers sensitive to price, providing safe, economic and convenient air transport services. During recent years, China's civil aviation industry has been experiencing a rapid development as a whole, but comparatively slow is the development of low-cost airlines specializing in providing services for price-sensitive travelers. With its establishment, 9 Air will fill the market gap of low-cost airlines in China's central and southern regions, becoming the first base airlines of low-cost model in this region.



    Under low-cost model, 9 Air draws clear demarcation between basic air transport services and other services, insisting that let the passengers only buy the services they really need so as to make the tickets be the most affordable. And more competitive tickets than peers' will be launched by 9 Air. 9 Air adheres to the concept of serving the public, committed to providing the most economic, the most sincere, and the most enthusiastic air transport services for the vast number of passengers. And therefore, 9 Air is bound to become a unique and beautiful scenery in the sky in the future.